For something a little different why not consider a boating holiday on the rivers and lakes of Hungary? Nicols are extremely proud to have been chosen as the first boating holiday rental company to operate in the country and although Hungary is still relatively unknown to many boaters we think this hidden paradise will become more and more popular – especially now that you can hire our spacious and stylish canal boats! The waterways in Hungary are calm and the surrounding landscapes are natural and unspoilt – perfect for fishermen, nature and bird lovers and enthusiasts of everything to do with enjoying outdoors life.

The best seat in the house (your canal boat!) for ‘the bloom of the Tisza’ in Hungary: Every year, between the end of May and beginning of June, millions of dragonfly-like long tailed insects rise in clouds on the Tisza River. This unique event, which lasts only three-to-four days, is one of the most fascinating natural phenomena found on European rivers and yours to discover up close and personal with our boating holidays in Hungary.

Our canal boat rental bases in Hungary

Departing from our Kisköre base you and your canal boat crew will cruise in the heart of the legendary Hungarian Great Plain and Hortobágy National Park, on the Tisza River and Lake Tisza. On board your self-drive canal barge (no previous boating holiday experience needed) you explore the "Puszta", a region of large open grassland unique in Europe, where herds of buffaloes, oxen and wild horses mingle, guarded by "csikos" (mounted horse-herdsmen) in traditional dress.

Alternatively, from the second Nicols base at Tokaj, your boating holiday along the Bodrag River and the Upper Tisza leads you to the heart of a region that’s famous for producing Tokaj wine. Being on board a self-drive canal boat means you’ll pass through landscapes of vineyards set at the foot of the Zemplén mountains and ancient volcanoes that are covered with forests.

Nicols two bases in Hungary opened in July 2020 and we are still the only boating holiday provider to offer holidays here. Here we tell you why it is the perfect destination no matter who makes up your crew.

  • 20 brand new boats left our boatyard last spring and now are at home in Hungary. All boats are from our stylish Estivale range with the 2 cabins (QUATTRO B), 3 cabins (SIXTO) and 4 cabins (OCTO) models offering modern and spacious accommodation for crews of 2 to 10 people.
  • In addition to the new boats, there are two newly built Nicols bases and a network of 29 mooring areas fitted out on your route.
  • You will read more about it below...but a boating holiday in Hungary is a unique experience but one that has something for everyone. Stunning natural waterways and the beautiful surrounding countryside are dotted with wildlife and flora and fauna whilst your many stop off points will introduce you to the fascinating historical, gastronomic and oenological heritage of the country. What’s more, you’ll find a multitude of fun activities to enjoy with family or friends…


"These canal boating holidays in Hungary have been a real discovery for us! We were charmed by a country that is full of soul and has interesting small villages dotted along the waterways – theses are perfect stop-off points for mooring up and setting off to explore. Our crew loved Lake Tisza and the fascinating locations found around it – all beautifully preserved from any form of mass tourism."

Laurent, 34 years old.

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To help you choose the perfect boating holiday Nicols has identified regions, routes and boats that are best suited to particular types of crews or areas of interest that people are looking for from their holiday. We hope our ideas inspire you. Look out for our icon illustrations flagging these themes across the website.