Water cruising with friends

Boating holidays are a great idea for a large group adventure. Our bigger boats can accommodate several friends in cabins with private bathrooms or simply hire a few boats and create a mini fleet for a fun and flexible break off the beaten track

  • Let yourself be inspired - With your friends

Fun with friends or families

Why not book a canal boating holiday for a birthday celebration, a family reunion or just a new experience to enjoy with friends on a weekend break or longer?

So much to enjoy

  • Crewing the boat together makes for great camaraderie as you take turns at being captain, steering the boat and navigating the route with fun and laughter guaranteed!
  • The sociable layouts of Nicols boats mean no one is left out of the conversation and action as having the cockpit integrated into the living area ensures no one is left alone at the helm.
  • Clever boat design makes life on board perfect for groups. With our Sedan and Estivale ranges the large rear terrace is on one level with the living room bringing the indoors and outdoors together. Also, if your group is travelling in more than boat, you can moor them with terraces side by side to create a great space for lunch, drinks sunbathing or stargazing.
  • Discounts for groups: do not forget to take advantage of our "group" discount if your rental includes several boats

What our clientssay

For my mother's birthday, we wanted to organise a special weekend to bring the whole family together for a celebration. A short canal boating holiday with Nicols was a novel idea that appealed to everyone and proved a hit with the adults and children alike. Nicols gave us great advice and helped choose the perfect boats for our family crew.

Jean Paul – 47 years old

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So many activitiesto enjoy

There are so many different things to do on a canal boating holiday - everyone in your group will find plenty to enjoy. Whether it’s swimming, cycling, fishing, relaxing with a picnic or barbecue or exploring a nearby leisure park, there’s never a dull moment. And, remember, the fun and engagement of sailing the boat is great fun itself.

Adventure journey

From the great outdoors to indoor leisure parks, you’ll find many perfect places to keep active on your boating holiday. Take a walk in a nature park, introduce the children to tree climbing, challenge each other with sporting activities or just unwind in the fresh air.

Great ideas are easy to find on maps of the areas surrounding your cruising route but some of the best regions for this type of activity are:



Franche Comté

Canal du Midi

Boating holidays - Swimming

Just add water? No need – you’re already on it so all you need is your swimsuit! In many regions you can dive into the water right from your boat and we’ve fitted a bathing ladder to your canal boat so getting back on deck is safe and easy. If a refreshing dip in the river is not your thing, you can rent one of Nicols’ unique heated swimming pools. Tethered to your boat, it’s your own private pool that goes wherever you do – complete with warm, filtered water.


Canal du Midi


Canals holidays - Cycling

Bring your own bikes, or rent them from the base when you set off on your boating holiday. Travelling with you, they’ll be on hand whenever you want to cycle into town for groceries or sightseeing or just to stretch your legs along the towpath.




Canal du Midi