Canal boating holidays for families

NICOLS cruises are a unique choice for a family holiday.
Sailing the waterways together, the whole family is sure to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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Enjoy a slower pace of life

A relaxing canal boat holiday is the perfect antidote to the frantic pace of everyday family life.  Whether you choose to spend a weekend together on the water or a week or more exploring a region, the slower pace creates perfect quality time to spend with your loved ones.


Why choose a Nicols boating holiday for your family?

  • A novel and unique experience that your children and you will remember for a long time.
  • Complete freedom – sail the waterways at your own pace.
  •  The whole family can enjoy working together as the crew – learning new skills and sharing the fun of navigation and mooring as well as enjoying all the sights and activities along the way as well as family meals and games on deck.
  • Safety and comfort – Nicols boats are famous for their layouts which are perfect to accommodate all your family crew including young children.


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Enjoy activitieswith the children

Wherever you choose to take your canal boat holiday, you’ll find a wealth of activities to entertain the children. From sightseeing along the route to country parks, beaches and watersports areas and wildlife attractions – choose a different one every day!

Let yourself be inspired - Animal park

Children love animals, so don’t miss the chance to explore some of France’s great zoos, wildlife attractions and safari parks. Will you discover the "Domaine de Sainte-Croix" and the "Parc Nature de Cheval " in Alsace, the "Parc Australien" of Carcassonne, the "African Reserve of Sigean" in the South, or the "Seaquarium" of Grau du Roi in the Camargue?


Canal du midi 

The Camargue 




Let yourself be inspired - Adventure journey

Keep the kids moving with a visit to an indoor or outdoor activity park. Here they can burn off some energy with a variety of sports activities and even tree climbing


Canal du Midi

The Camargue

Franche Comté

Let yourself be inspired - Swimming

When you or the kids fancy a dip, try mooring up near a freshwater lake or heading out to a swimming pool or water park.  Depending on your canal boating destination, some of these will be supervised. Make sure you pack your swimsuit for a boat cruises in these wonderful locations:


Canal du Midi

The Camargue

Let yourself be inspired - Historical site

Who says history can’t be fun?  Many castles and heritage sites adapt their visits to appeal to young children, making them budding historians in no time! Will you be Romans at Parc d'Alésia in Burgundy? A medieval stonemason at Château de Guédelon in the Loire Valley? A Templar in a full treasure hunt in the city of Aigues Mortes? Or a prehistoric man at the Paleosite in Charente?


The Loire Valley


The Camargue

What our clientssay

Going on a cruise with the kids has been a great adventure for us! We were looking forward to this family vacation, and we were not disappointed. Everyone found their place on board, the children finally got off their "screens" to participate in the navigation. It's been a long time since we had such a strong family experience.

Marie – 44 years old, 3 children.

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