Canal boat holidays in Holland

The Netherlands consists of 12 provinces, including the famous North Holland and South Holland. The region of Gelderland where our Nicols base at Kerkdriel is located is undoubtedly lesser known, but as the immediate neighbour to the two major provinces of Holland, it offers remarkable opportunities when it comes to exploring via a boating holiday. On offer are flat landscapes composed of channels and drawbridges, fields of colourful tulips, pretty windmills and so many cycle tracks!

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Introducing Holland as a waterways holiday destination

Want to know a little more about Holland and the Netherlands before starting your boating holiday?

  • Where does the confusion between "Netherlands" and "Holland" sometimes come from?
    Holland is actually only a region of the Netherlands, but became famous throughout the world during the so-called "golden age" (late sixteenth century until the beginning of the eighteenth). In this period Holland became the leading trading power of the Netherlands with the rest of the world and therefore more well known globally. Its growth attracted artists, writers and scholars, allowing the cultural development of the country at the same time. Even today, the renown of Holland is immense, and although it is only a region of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, it is often a symbol of the whole country!
  • Why is the orange colour associated with Holland?
    Although the Dutch flag is composed of three horizontal stripes red, white, blue, the colour orange is often associated with the country. The orange colour has played a central role in Dutch culture and national pride and is actually a symbol of the Dutch royal family "van Oranje Nassau".

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Canal boat hire in Holland

For your canal boat holiday in Holland we have prepared many cruises itineraries - choose from a loop, a return to base or one-way route. They will allow you to discover no less than six regions of the 12 that make up the country! From Kerkdriel, for example, you will find the city of Bois le Duc, located in the region of North Brabant. You can also navigate through the regions of South Holland, North Holland, Utrecht, Gelderland and Limburg. Each region has its history, its customs and its monuments. How many will you see on your trip?

In (almost) all the places mentioned, it is possible to go cycling, walking, shopping, try restaurants, relax on terraces, visit museums and generally enjoy the sights. We must mention for fans of swimming about the opportunity to swim in fresh and salt water, almost everywhere in the Netherlands.

There are so many reasons to visit Holland – it really does have something for everybody and we’re sure you’ll have a memorable and enjoyable boating holiday with your crew...

Please note: in Netherlands, the conditions and specificities of navigation require a very complete instruction to navigation, which takes about 1-1.5 hours. Therefore, a supplement of 50€ has to be paid directly at the spot.