A boating holidaywith a splash pool!

Fun in the water is an essential part of a canal boating holiday.

That doesn’t just mean in the rivers and canals – at Nicols we also have our exclusive splash pool that can be attached to your canal boat.

The splash pool:exclusive to Nicols

A revolutionary concept

Created back in 1994, our splash pool was and still is a unique and revolutionary concept in the world of boating holidays!

Our boat builders at the Nicols boatyard wanted to respond to customer suggestions about having somewhere to safely relax in clean warm water during their boating holidays. The result is our heated splash pool that can be attached to many boats within the Nicols fleet.

Making your boating holiday even more fun!

Just when you thought a boating holiday couldn’t get any better we tell you about our towable heated and filtered splash pool!

Crews both young and old will enjoy the benefits of the splash pool. It’s an ideal extra to add to your boating holiday and can be easily towed by the majority of Nicols canal barges.

The splash poolin detail


  • Recommended capacity: 3.
  • Length: 2.55 metres.
  • Width: 3.10 metres.
  • Water capacity: 700 litres.
  • Equipment: railing surround with double railings for your safety, two sliding hoods which cover and provide an additional terrace space. A skimmer will filter the water and there is a thermostat for adjusting the water temperature.


The splash pool can be attached to the majority of our Nicols boats and simply joins it a bit like when attaching a trailer behind a car! With a water capacity of 700 litres the splash pool can accommodate two to three people.

  • The water within the Nicols splash pool is heated and filtered meaning it’s both comfortable and safe – perfect for young children.

  • A double safety rail surrounds the Nicols splash pool.

    Your children can swim and play safely.

  • The splash pool is attached to the back of your canal boat. By using the hard sliding covers you can also increase the terrace area of the canal boat.

  • Are you worried about your young children swimming in the canal water due to the temperature or cleanliness? Or maybe it is the thought of a river current that concerns you? The Nicols splash pool avoids all of those issues and provides a safe, clean and comfortable place for children to play.

    It’s possible to use the splash pool when moored or whilst cruising!

    It’s not just for children either. Adults too will love having an additional space to relax and somewhere to take a dip in clean warm water. Make your boating holiday unforgettable and treat your crew with our heated splash pool!

The splash pool can be attached to the majority of our Nicols boats and simply joins it a bit like when attaching a trailer behind a car! With a water capacity of 700 litres the splash pool can accommodate two to three people.

your questionsanswered

Does the splash pool fit all boats?

The splash pool is adaptable to all Nicols boats within the Estivale, Confort and Sedan ranges except the Primo and the Nicols 800. Please note though, when renting the splash pool with a boat that is over 13 metres in length the total length of the boat and splash pool together means that a river permit is required.

Where can I rent the Nicols splash pool?

The heated splash pool is available for boating holidays in the following regions: Alsace, Aquitaine, Charente and the Canal du Midi.

Is the splash pool safe for children?

A double railing runs around the edge of the splash pool to prevent falling into the canal or river so it is particularly safe for children.

Is the water heated?

The splash pool water is heated. There is a thermostat to adjust the temperature – so how does relaxing in a nice 35 degrees Celsius sound!

Is the water clean?

Prior to your arrival the splash pool has been prepared with the utmost care by our base staff. Filled with fresh water, the splash pool is equipped with a skimmer to then also filter the water. There are also sliding covers which mean the pool can be covered after use which prevents the water from getting dirty from things such as falling leaves. These covers help maintain the water temperature and also provide and extra terrace space. If hiring bikes why not store them here for ease?

Can the splash pool be booked at the last minute?

We would always recommend booking a splash pool as early as possible (ideally at the same time as booking your canal boat) as they are limited in numbers. What’s more it takes our base teams time to prepare them for your cruise – filling them and attaching them to the boat.