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A tree-mendous love for the Canal du Midi

Help preserve a special piece of France’s history and heritage.

We’re sure you’ll be familiar with the Canal du Midi and perhaps have even navigated, walked or cycled along a section of it...but did you know that right now this centuries old structure that’s listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 1996, needs you.

As Nicols has been doing for several years now, we’re asking for people to join the community of “replanters” who have been working for 10 years with VNF to help preserve the Canal du Midi and restore its tree-lined canopy.

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Why should we replant the canal du Midi?

The plane trees that line the banks of the canal du Midi are afflicted with an incurable disease: canker stain. The inevitable disappearance of these trees is threatening the habitat of natural species, as well as the stability of the canal banks which are supported by their roots. It is therefore an entire ecosystem that is in danger today.

VNF’s action for the canal du Midi

Thanks to donations from the “replanters” community, in addition to the contribution of local authorities and Government support, VNF is pursuing four missions: the felling of diseased and dead trees, the replanting of different new species resistant to canker stain, the restoration of the banks, and the preservation of biodiversity by relocating protected species.

An attractive tax deduction

By making a donation to VNF, you will benefit from a tax deduction of 66%. This means that a donation of €50 actually costs you only €17. And with your support, VNF will continue to preserve the tree-lined canopy of the canal du Midi, restore its banks, and preserve its biodiversity for future generations.

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VNF is the French national waterways operator

Thanks to the expertise of 4,000 agents working all over France, VNF maintains, operates, and develops the largest network of waterways in Europe. The replanting of trees on the canal du Midi, which began in 2011, is the first philanthropic project led by VNF.

On behalf of the entire team, we thank you in advance for your generosity and your commitment to VNF, to restore one of the most exquisite structures in the French river network.

More information on the canal du Midi tree replanting project:

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