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Let’s take care of the environment together!

By hiring a canal boat you are choosing a holiday set at the heart of nature so we know that wildlife and the countryside is important to you. The quality of the environment in which you will be navigating in contributes greatly to the enjoyment of your holiday, so between us let's protect it together. Our small actions… can have big effects!

Water is a precious resource,
Together, let’s preserve it

Water is a precious resource, but one which is needed for many different things: drinking water, fauna and flora, agriculture, fishing, boating holidays...
During your boating holiday you will pass through locks. At lock operation a minimum of 800m3 of water is used and goes downstream of the waterway.
To help save water we must limit situations where single boats pass through alone as much as possible. Remember to group with other boats when passing through locks.

How Nicols is helping the environment:

Nicols is committed to the preservation of the Canal du Midi: as a patron, we are participating in the replanting of trees along the Canal du Midi.

In 2018, Nicols created the first fully electric powered canal boat in Europe. For 2022, Nicols is continuing to add ‘green’ boats to the fleet with a second electric powered boat. Find all our electric boats here.

In Portugal, the entire Nicols fleet is equipped with solar panels.

Since 2019 Nicols has been part of APER, an eco-organisation in France created by the Federation of Nautical Industries, who promote eco-responsible activity on the waterways. Our Nicols boat building yard is the first French builder of canal boats to commit to paying an eco-contribution in order to recycle boats at the end of their life. We are also registered with ADEME (Environment and Energy Management Agency) under the following « Unique Producer Identifier » number: FR028062_18OFAS.



How you can help us protect nature:

  • Navigate slowly and carefully so as to not cause damage and erosion of the river bank.

  • When mooring, be careful not to damage the plant species around you.

  • Leave no trace of your visit: pick up your rubbish and dispose of it at the designated waste disposal services found on route. Also, try and think about sorting your waste – what might be able to be recycled?

  • Help prevent items ending up in the waterways. Be aware of any lightweight object that a breeze or the wind could blow into the water. Do not throw anything overboard - any rubbish or even a cigarette butt can be harmful to the health and wellbeing of the many species found in and around canals and rivers.

  • When collecting your boat Nicols will offer you a welcome kit including biodegradable cleaning products. If however you bring your own cleaning and hygiene products, you too should choose biodegradable products.

Together, let's act as protectors of the environment !

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