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LAKES AND LUSH LANDSCAPES: Take a wild cruise on the Marne-Rhine canal

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  • 01a-saverne-depart-chateau-des-rohan
    Rohan Castle in Saverne
  • 01b-saverne-chateau-des-rohan
    Rohan Castle in Saverne
  • 01b-saverne-depart-base
    Nautic base of Saverne
  • 01c-saverne-depart-chateau-de-haut-barr
    Haut Barr Castle in Saverne
  • 02a-lutzelbourg-croisiere-fluviale
  • 02b-lutzelbourg-vallee
    Lützelbourg Valley
  • 03a-arzviller-ascenseur-bateaux
    Boat elevator of Arzviller
  • 03b-arzviller-ascenseur-bateaux
    Boat elevator of Arzviller
  • 03c-luge-alpine-alsace
  • 04-alsace-croisiere-fluviale
  • 04-sarrebourg-vitrail-chagall
    Famous Chagall stained glass in Sarrebourg
  • 05a-rhodes-loups-blancs-alsace
    The animal park of the Domaine Ste Croix
  • 05b-rhodes-parc-animalier-sainte-croix
    The animal park of the Domaine Ste Croix
  • 06-mittersheim-activite-nautique
    Nautic activities on the pool in Mittersheim
  • 06-mittersheim-baignade-etang

Description of
the boating holiday

Sail through soothing natural landscapes

From Saverne, cruise on the on the Marne-Rhine canal surrounded by beautiful and uplifting countryside - from the Vosges du Nord regional park to the country of lakes in Lorraine. When you reach Arzviller, using the incredible Arzviller boat lift for an unforgettable experience.

Departure base

Located at the foot of the Regional Natural Park of the Northern Vosges which is classified as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, the marina of Saverne is an excellent starting point for a boating holiday.  From here you can discover a region rich in gastronomy, culture, heritage and nature

Places to see and things to do

Saverne: Rohan castle (museum), Haut-Barr castle, Saverne‘s old town, Centre Nautique l’Océanide – waterpark

Lutzelbourg: Wurm crystal factory, castle, panoramic views of the valley, children’s playground

Arzviller: Boat lift, engine room, Houseboat museum, "Fusion Libre" crystal factory, alpine luge coaster ride

Niderviller: Tunnels (475m & 2306m), Pottery museum and factory shop, Marc Chagall stained glass at the Chapelle des Cordeliers, Sarrebourg (6km from Niderviller):

Mittersheim: Lake, beach, water activities

Mittersheim is the halfway point of your boating trip to discover the Lorraine region.  Start the return leg from here and stop-off at your favourite places on your way back to the starting base at Saverne.

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We will come back!
Our holiday on the Marne-Rhine canal was extremely good.  Our only regret was that it was too short! We will do a river cruise in the future, that's for sure.

Christian, Austria