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Hidden treasures along the River Vilaine

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  • 01-glenac-base-brume-matin
    the Nicols base at Glénac in the morning mist
  • 02-glenac-croisiere-fluviale-01
  • 03-ambiance-tourisme-fluvial-maison-typique-bretonne
    House of Brittany
  • 03-glenac-ecluse-bretagne-03
  • 04-ambiance-crepe-et-cidre-breton
    Pancakes and cider of Brittany
  • 05-ile-aux-pies-croisiere-fluviale-01
    Ile aux Pies
  • 06-ile-aux-pies-halte-croisiere-fluviale
    Mooring at Ile aux Pies
  • 07-la-gacilly-expo-photos-bretagne-01
  • 08-ambiance-navigation-bateau-fluvial-nicols
  • 08-la-gacilly-village-bretagne-02
    La Gacilly
  • 09-redon-vieux-centre-bretagne
  • 10-redon-le-port
    the port at Redon
  • 11-la-vilaine-croisiere-fluviale
    Dinan on the river Vilaine
  • 11-rennes-capitale-bretagne-01
    Timber-framed house in Rennes
  • 12-rennes-parlement-bretagne
  • 13-rennes-capitale-bretagne-02

Description of
the boating holiday

Canal boat hire on the river Vilaine to Rennes

Brittany is a region that’s spoilt with great canals and rivers including the River Vilaine, the Canal de Nantes à Brest, the Aff and Oust rivers and the River Erdre which leads all the way to Nantes. Our Nicols base at Glénac benefits from being at a crossroads of these waterways so there are many different boating holiday itineraries available. This particular route takes you predominantly on the River Vilaine and towards Rennes, the capital of Brittany.

Departure base

Your canal boating holiday in Brittany begins on the small River Aff cruising towards the village of art that’s La Gacilly. You’ll then come back on yourself and join the Canal de Nantes à Brest in the direction of Redon, then when at Redon you will join the River Vilaine and venture north towards Rennes.

Places to see and things to do

Glénac: a small quiet village with a marsh area full of wild birds, restaurant in the village centre is also an excellent place to purchase groceries to take with you on your trip – including fresh bread and croissants!

La Gacilly: the famous Yves Rocher Spa, known as a ‘village of craftsmen’ with wax, ceramic, wood, glass and flowers all being used to make high quality product

Redon: historic town with pedestrian streets, Museum of the west shipping industry, guided tour of the abbey or of the monastery of the Calvairiennes

a village known for its alignment of 28 menhirs (tall upright stones), the Saint-Pierre church, chapel of Sainte-Agathe

Port de roche:
the iron bridge of Port de roche, built for the World Expo 1867 exhibition in Paris, fortified farmhouse

mills in Guirpy, “Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Port” chapel, motor museum in Lohéac (7km away)

La Courbe:
The Presbytery and the manor house of the ‘Provostières’

Bridge in slate of 1757

Pink-veined slate stones church

known as the capital of Brittany, Saint-Pierre cathedral, Brittany museum, lively pedestrian streets and squares

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Peace on the waterways
Having previously enjoyed a boating holiday on the Canal de Nantes à Brest two years ago we wanted to come back and try one of the other routes on offer. This time we chose a boating holiday on the more peaceful and very rural River Vilaine – the highlight of the trip being a visit to the city of Rennes.

Marc, Lyon